We have Christmas 🎄 Advent Boxes!!

Covid-19 Times

Change of the times, we all have different views and emotions of the current environment. In retail, stores are closing  or changing way of providing services to help spread and transmitting of the Corona-virus.

Owner, Heather Coffin and family experienced H1N1 (Corona virus family) back in 2009. It's fine line of diagnosis and proper treatment that was the positive in their experience. Back than it was hospital visit of 1 week, lots of very strong prescription, 1 week quarantine. This current evolved virus is more transmittable. Social media news feed filled with negative post.

So....Connection Wear wanted to keep in touch with everyone and keep the positive in your news feed!! Keep watch on our social media channels and we will keep all post positive and maybe just a little brighter. 

Speaking of news feed, shopping online is the new past time. Shopping for new clothing may not what is fitting the wallet size right now but we have you covered as we are clothingolics!! 

We have set up our E-gift cards that not only have great value when ever you spend it, but we double the value on Canadian National Holidays (click here for list)! This will help with extending your budget!! If you missed Good Friday, There is May Long weekend coming up!!

We also know there is a lot of shortage of mask and a lot of DIY online are popping up, so, we added one more to the social media news feed! We used one of our cooling towels, tube bandana, and elastics to make a DIY mask. NOTE: These DIY mask are not deemed to prevent corona virus. 

We had help of the Easter bunny with our video!! That's the way things go when working from home :)


Stay tuned to our social media accounts. 

Connection Wear



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