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Resolutions or Goals?

Most people jump on the NEW YEAR RESOLUTION wagon as the New Year gives you a "restart". I must admit, I need more than one New Years as I restart several times a year. I think keeping to the resolution is very hard. 

I am here to put my thoughts on how to combat the feeling of failure and to complete your New Years resolution list. My understanding of the word "resolution"  being defined as a firm decision to do or not to do something. But I think if we use GOALS or PLAN instead of RESOLUTIONS, we can achieve our list. Like all things, in order to make a change you have to do it consistently and for 21 days to make it a good habit. 

Let's break it down, start with a list. Work with the top 3 only. We don't want to overload our minds and bodies. Think about it, you can only do one task at a time so why add more just to make you feel like you did not do something or forget. For the TOP 3, List things you can do daily, weekly and/or monthly that contribute to doing that item. For example my number one is to lose weight! I will list, drink more water, walk the dog twice a day and have fruit snacks. Then list things for #2 on my list.  

Then pluck info in chart, mind graph, or just a list, how ever you like to see it and keep track. There is HABIT TRACKER Charts you can google. They are great to use as each one is completed you check or color in circle as complete and you see the list getting complete.  With seeing things being checked off, you feel complete and continue to the same based on feeling good. If this is done for 21 days, soon that activity becomes a habit and you achieve the resolution. 

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Kind regards,  Heather Coffin

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