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  • Famous Sock Monkey

    You will see clothing made in mirror of the iconic sock 🐒 monkey. The sock Monkey originated from the Nelson Knitting company Sock. 
  • Spring Fling

    This spring break, have your closet cleaned, extended your shopping budget and look amazing with this year's spring colors just few steps!
  • #impact 2019

     #Impact 2019 coming to screen near you! Yes, we are taking up online presence in promoting Women!!  Female body image, and its associated woes, is...
  • Febulous Leggings

    February is month of love but I think it should be month of Fabulous leggings  nick named "Febulous" leggings month. Love thy legs, considering the...
  • The Importance of Self Care for Women ~ Jen

    Hi ladies! Today I'd like to touch on a topic that's been increasing in popularity for a bit now...self care. As women, we take on many roles; da...
  • Baby, Girl, Woman

    Happy International Women Day(#IWD2018) Becoming a woman is one of the hardest process us females goes through. We start off by learning to be huma...