The Importance of Self Care for Women ~ Jen

Hi ladies! Today I'd like to touch on a topic that's been increasing in popularity for a bit now...self care. As women, we take on many roles; daughter, sister, spouse, mother, teacher, friend, caretaker, role model, and the list goes on and on. It's not difficult to see how all of these roles we play take their toll both mentally and physically. That's why I believe it's so important for us to take care of ourselves. Self-care is not self-indulgence; it's self preservation! Restoring us to our best version of ourselves so that we can in turn pour into others.

So what does self care look like? Well, it can look like many things including meditation, relaxation, being kind to our selves and being healthy through nutrition and fitness. We take care of our bodies by making good choices...good choices about the food that we eat and good choices about how we move our body.

There are many benefits of exercising, some of which I touch on in a previous post here. Feeling happier, losing weight, increasing energy levels, reducing risk of chronic disease, improving your skin, brain health, helping with relaxation and even improving your sleep quality are all benefits we can experience. When you have more energy it makes your day so much better. You have more energy to play with your kids and improve the quality time you spend with your spouse or significant other.

Exercise comes in so many forms. There's yoga, Pilates, running, swimming, strength training and more. Experiment with what you like and what you can get excited about. For example, if you hate running, don't make running your fitness go-to. Find something you enjoy and that you will actually stick with.

One of the ways that you can incorporate self-care into your life more is to create a morning routine or an evening routine. Your routine is where you develop habits that create discipline. Your morning routine may include waking up and getting a glass of water, washing your face, brushing your teeth, and moving your body for 30 minutes. Some women prefer getting their exercise routine done and out of the way early so they can have that increased energy and then shift their focus to their family and their work or whatever the day holds for them. Or some prefer to work it into their evening routines because they're not morning people. Find what works for you. Find a way to work it into your life and make it a priority.

Self care is important to fit into your daily or weekly life. It gives you the opportunity to improve yourself so you can be your best for you AND for those you love. YOU ARE WORTH IT!

What are ways you are or would like to work self-care into your day?

Go. Run. Fitness anywhere - Jen 

Jennifer is the founder of Taking Fitness on the Run; a website intended to motivate and entertain others to just do it when it comes to running or any other form of fitness they enjoy. As a middle-of-the-pack runner and content with it, Jennifer runs for herself and while she has a love/hate relationship with running, she always seems to come back to it. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys hiking, running, eating pasta, dancing, enjoying time with friends and spending time with her 2 teenage daughters.

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