Who, What, Where, and When? February 1, 2018

The company is owned by Heather Coffin, a mother of three who loves to feel the textures of fabric and create a style that goes with you from working to relaxing and vise versa. 

You may see in previous Facebook post about how I got started with Connection Wear. It was all about the "Anti Fanny Pack" and the after child bearing years!  

But let me simplify with resume format! Connection Wear first appeared in 2015 at trade shows and farmers markets in Alberta. The online store was launched in 2017 and the Fashion Truck will soon arrive in 2018!

The Fashion Truck will create a new shopping experience and can be there while you do a marathon, or come right to your home; so you don't have to go out! When you buy from Connection Wear, you will be supporting a local Canadian company.

Yes, great styles does come off a Truck! 

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