About US

Who we are:

Connection Wear is owned by Heather Coffin, a mother of three. She loves the textures of fabric to create style that goes with you from working to relaxing and vice versa.

It all started with one product "The Fusion Belt". She was trying to find something like a fanny pack. A product that would go with clothes and that is not too bulky for daughter's Europe trip. Heather ended up buying one for herself! Saw potential and started selling Fusion Belts at tradeshow and sporting events.  2017 launched our online store!!

What we want to accomplish:

We want to have Connection Wear Fashion Truck! Fashion Truck will create a distinctive shopping experience and will be there while you do a marathon, attend a festival, or right to your home! We want you to enjoy your activities and we want to add to your lifestyle with active wear made for daily routines.  

What is a Fashion Truck?

A Fashion Truck is a mobile store that is retrofitted from a step van or bus. Connection Wear wants to retrofit a shuttle bus into a store that can serve YOU in your community or at your events. We will put the "FUN" into shopping so you can focus on your workout, run, jumps and spins!

What Future looks Like?

Multiple Fashion Trucks Owned by Women alike representing Connection Wear Clothing Brands. 


Accessorizing your lifestyle

Our Commitment

Connecting & Delivering Quality, Functional, and Fashionable  Women's Clothing Brands

We mean every word!!


Heather Coffin, Owner