We have Christmas 🎄 Advent Boxes!!



Q. What are Advent Boxes?

A. There are 12 individual boxes filled with seasonal clothing  or accessory items. Each box is numbered for each day of 12 days of Christmas. All 12 boxes shipped in one box!


Q. Is there options of boxes?

A. Yes, there is. Three level of priced Advent Boxes. 


Q. What is included in the Boxes?

A.  There are examples in description but as they are mystery items (present to open) we do not show exactly of what's included as these will be limited addition items. 


Q. How do we know clothes fit?

A. You don't but we have a text box for you enter your size. 


Q. What type of styles are available?

A. All style in patterns. We have a text box for you to enter what you like and we make every effort to get your favourite. 


Q. Returnable/exchangeable/refundable?

A. No, as these are limited and seasonal items they can not be returned for reasons listed but not limited to: wrong size, don't like pattern, changed mind.  If any damages are done by courier "Canada Post" we will refund through claim process. 


Q. When do the Advent  Ship?

A. We Start shipping last week of November. It will arrive before December 15. 


Q. Will the shipping have tracking?

A. Definitely yes.